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"The International Association of Department Stores, founded  in 1928 and the first such Association in the world, was  established to help each of the members to  defend itself  against its competition and perhaps more importantly against  itself”. 
 Adapted from H. Pasdermadjian, Management Research in  Retailing, 1950
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 Click here for video made at a meeting of CEOs in 2009
The IADS and the IADS MERCHANDISE GROUP (IMG) provide a quality, trusted and private environment for department stores to be inspired, to share experience and to be exposed to applicable ideas and practices. Members are confronted early on to challenges and are thus in a better position to construct their future.                                                          

What does membership offer?

"The IADS and IMG are indispensable to me because:

- they provide a window onto the new ideas and practices emerging in the department store world

- they allow me to create a true and intimate international network of friends in the same line of business

- they broaden my business vision, my business opportunities and potential, and ultimately improve my business performance".

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