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 From 1970 to 2000: New challenges and internationalisation

Period 3

During the 1980s, the staff of the IADS office changed at a time when department stores were becoming increasingly aware of the power of new marketing ideas. This period constituted a break before the tumultuous last decade of the century. The ACI office also moved in 1982 to Copenhagen under a new General Secretary.

In the 1990s, new appointments both at IADS and ACI provided a measure of stability to the offices, allowing them to be better prepared to serve their members on operational as well as merchandise issues in the face of the challenges of new competitors, new concepts and the predicted death of the format.

This period was also characterised by a concern with internationalisation of retail formats, even though it was still very limited in the department store sector. For the IADS and ACI, it manifested itself through increased contacts outside Europe, and not least in an enlarged membership coverage including several continents. Since its founding in 1928, the International Association of Department Stores has had a total of over 50 department store members from all continents, while the exclusive ACI membership has had 14 companies as members at different times since its creation. There are still 5 founding members today.